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El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries celebrates 30 life changing years.
We’re amongst the thousands of lives who have been touched by God’s hands as a result of the obedience of the Servant of God – Dr. James O. James.
We are reaping the harvest of many people who have made the Ministry what it is, and honoured to be a part of the continued establishing group as we move forward.
Thank you Dr. James O. James for showing us the beauty in having a relationship with God. We appreciate your commitment to evolving and speaking truths this world needs to hear. We love and honour you sir.
We’re hereby asking all our El-Shaddai family members, whether local, online, or have simply visited or passed through the teaching of the vision of this great assembly to join in sharing your One El-Shaddai memory using the hashtag #myoneexperience #celebratingGodsfaithfulness
So, as we commemorate how far El-Shaddai Covenant Ministry has come, we want to know how these 30 years of existence has touched you as an individual to the glory of God Almighty.
It’s testimony time! Overcomers’ Time!!!

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