Pastor Seyi

I want to appreciate God for His faithfulness over my family. In 2013, I came to the Easter Leadership Conference as a single man. In 2014, I came as a married man, and in 2015, I came as a father. God blessed my family with a baby boy in March. And to crown it all, God added another year to my life. (April 5th, 2015)

Pastor Andy

When I came here this year, I saw an inscription, “The place where the Word works wonders” and I am very certain that, that is what God has done for me and my family.

We were here last year and I was with my wife and I think on the last day Papa said “Some of you will build houses he didn’t say house he said houses. My wife laughed and shouted ‘Halleluyah’, and I told her to keep quiet because the one I was handling in Makurdi, I could not finish, how are we going to build another one.

When we went home she kept on telling me that Papa said “We will build houses.” I completed the one in Makurdi to the glory of God and early this year February, we bought a house in Abuja, glory be to God. Papa thank you for the grace to push us to build.


Pastor David


For the past 18 years we have believed God for something in our family and every year we kept praying. It got to a point that we ourselves got tired inspite of the fact that Papa and Mama were praying for us.

Last year when we came for ELC 2014, Papa standing in front of the church was greeting people and called my wife ‘Iya Ibeji (Mother of twins). This was the name he used to call my wife but he stopped after sometime.

At the impartation service, I remember Papa asked us to be drunk in the Holy Spirit and that was exactly what we did. Eventually, my wife who is in her early 50s started falling sick and a Doctor advised her to consider going for pregnancy test . I said pregnancy test?

But we went ahead and when the result came, the doctor said to me, “Congratulations, your wife is very pregnant.”  Since my wife is not a young girl and at her age to get pregnant – it was just a miracle.

We decided not to take chances and applied to the U.S. Embassy for visa to travel for the delivery. We were all given visas just like that. My wife successfully delivered a baby girl and though the devil tried to take my wife’s life after the delivery, God restored her and today my daughter Princess and the mother are doing fine. Glory be to God.