God spoke clearly to Our Founder, Dr. James Ovbiose James, to start a church that will build a people of passion and integrity; that will make heaven. With the full support of his Wife, Dr. Temitayo James, they yielded to God and El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries was born with its first inaugural service held on the 26th of October, 1986 in their sitting room in Jos, Plateau State.

The purpose of El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries is to “build lives together” according to the divine mandate given by God.

Dr. James found a perfect partner in his wife Dr. Temitayo James, a Medical Doctor, who had to leave her much loved profession to throw her full weight behind the Vision and the command of El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries. She joined forces with her husband to fulfill this God’s mandate.

From their sitting room, the church moved to a primary school and later to such places like Rex Cinema, Jos; Luggard Avenue, Jos; and finally to its present Regional Headquarters located Opposite NITEL HQs in Jos, Plateau State.

By the 1990s, El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries had become a house hold name in Plateau State in general and Jos, in particular, with several branches spread over the city of Jos and few other cities in Nigeria.

However, through the leading of God, the Headquarters, was relocated from Jos to Lagos in 2000 and as at today El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries has 22 branches, including a branch in the United Kingdom.

All these may never have come to be had a young man not heard the gospel in 1972. Though Dr. James Ovbiose James, our Founder, came from a humble background, his philosophy of integrity, righteousness, piety and hard work were the traits that enabled him to grow the ministry from a membership of four persons at inception to several thousands across the globe.

Until his glorious transition in 2022, Dr. James Ovbiose James lived a great live as a man of impeccable character, a philanthropist and an educationist. His words, “I am always willing to assist, in any way I can, children who have lost their parents to complete their education’’. He was a teacher, author, entrepreneur and a builder.

Dr. James Ovbiose James specialized in building strong and viable marriages and the home and published such books like “The Missing Rib”, 4 Things Intending Couples Must Agree Upon Before Marriage”, “The Way of the Rich”, “The Seven Laws of Money”, “Power through Meditation”, “The Seed of Greatness is in You”, to mention but a few.

The dynamic teaching ministry of Dr. James had not only impacted the lives of thousands across the globe but has also produced many fantastic Christian leaders who are making waves in various spheres of Christendom.

He featured as a Minister on Radio and Television, reaching people on such stations as Believe TV (MyTV); Kingdom Africa (DSTV); ACBN (MyTV), Bond FM and SMA FM. He served the Lord until his last breath and left a great legacy for the ministry.

Our General Overseer, Dr. Temitayo James, who has been the co-pilot to our Founder since the beginning of the ministry like the biblical Priscilla and Aquila is a Medical Doctor by profession. She is the promoter/initiator of Jim Paul Generation Next Initiative, an NGO focusing on services targeted at the health and educational development of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Africa.

‘Mama’, as fondly called by people, Dr. Temitayo James is a powerful Minister of God, a humanitarian, seasoned motivational speaker and now the President of El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries.