Joining our church family is a big and important step, one that we take seriously. Our prayer is that all who join our family will choose to remain with us for years to come. Joining a church family is a primary way to identify oneself as a follower of Christ, and a significant way to partner in Kingdom purposes.The PROCESS begins with FILLING of the CONNECTION CARD thereby giving relevant, basic information about your personae to the church. This is simply an informal way of getting to know one another better.

Church will then WELCOME NEW MEMBERS into the family through the three avenues listed below:

  • 1st Timers Team,
  • House Fellowship

This depends on the background of the new member(s) involved.


  1. Our first requirement for membership is to be genuinely Born Again
  2. Should have attended church services not less than four times
  3. Join any of the fellowship in the church i.e. Men,Women,Youth,Teenagers,etc
  4. Should have identified with; and started attending House Fellowship
  5. Attend and complete MEMBERSHIP class

On completion of the MEMBERSHIP CLASS,a new member gets introduced/inaugurated to the church the next Sunday after the training.

All successful members will have a meeting/party with the Resident Pastor/Asst. Resident Pastor, Directors, Leaders of Men, Women, Youth and Children’s Ministries to “Connect with the Family”. This session helps new members to learn the nuts and bolts of how our church family functions and ministers on all levels. New members will thereafter be formally welcomed to the church.

New members to know who and what they are becoming a part of; and

  • Make a commitment
  • Fill a Detailed Membership Form/The Covenant form.
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Church Manual
  1. Baptism – For those who are new to the faith.
  2. No Transfer of Title: e.g Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, Deacon,etc
  3. Join any unit of choice in the church and start to function after graduating from the MEMBERSHIP CLASS





He/she should not hold any leadership position until 6 months after completing Ministry and Mission classes.